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Grow any Instagram Account with complete confidence

Save thousands of dollars in marketing cost

Over 5000+ Happy Customers Use Binsta

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Find Fresh New Buyers 24/7 without stress

100% Instagram Compliant Growth Software

Get More Visibility, Followers, & Engagement on Autopilot

Find Laser Targeted Followers based on their Interest, Location & Influencers

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Usually $197/Month
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Binsta Grows Your Followers & Drives Free Instagram Traffic Automatically For You

Simply setup your automation, add your target audience and watch Binsta Crawl The Entire Instagram To Find You Targeted Followers & Buyers

Auto-Update Biolinks

Automatically schedule your biolink update. Queue and schedule multiple biolink changes. It’s all set and forget.

Auto-Post/Schedule Instagram Reels

Automate your Reel posting. Post or schedule unlimited Video Reels.

Auto-Post/Schedule Instagram Posts

Auto-post or schedule unlimited Instagram posts to multiple accounts. Schedule UNLIMITED videos or images posts.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Users can manage their multiple Instagram profiles on one BinstaApp account.


Upgraded Auto-Like helps you stay relevant by auto-liking posts of popular Instagram account and users you follow.

Auto-Follow RELOADED

This powerful feature allows you follow relevant Instagram users based on interest, location or people. Get more people to follow you by automatically following relevant users and accounts.

Auto-Unfollow RELOADED

Maintain a healthy follower/following ratio by auto-unfollowing old and inactive accounts.

Direct Message (DM) Manager

Auto-respond to DMs. Send auto-welcome messages to new followers, communicate and manage your DM right inside your Binsta account.

Auto-Repost RELOADED

Very useful feature to re-post random temporary posts. The feature will select random posts according to selected targets, re-post them.


Gain more followers by automatically posting comments on popular posts of people who have yoour target audience.

Auto-Welcome DM

With this module, Binsta users can send automated DMs to new followers. Welcome message can include links to your website, offer, or ecom products.

Advanced Analytics

Dive deep into rich analytics. get insights on how your campaigns are performing, Optimize with real data. Now you can grow your accounts with more real time data.

WYSIWYG Image Editor

Get your pictures perfect for the gram using our easy to use drag and drop photo Editor.

Auto Influencer Tagging

Find and automatically tag useful influencers in your niche to gain more visibility for your post.

Hashtag Creator / Randomizer

Automatically create and randomize hashtags for your posts. Let your posts get more eyeballs and reach using relevant hashtags.

Lead Search Engine

Use keywords and post patterns to find targeted leads and posts.

Cloud Import

Post directly from your cloud storage.

Auto-View Stories

Build rapport and engagement by automatically viewing other people's stories.

Start Growing Your Followers & Traffic From Instagram In 3 Easy Steps


Login To Binsta

Login to your new Binsta account


Activate Your Binsta Automation

This will help you start tapping into a pool of 1 billion visitors with the help of smart automation


Watch Your Account Get Flooded With Targeted Followers & Traffic

Watch your traffic and sales explode

Businesses Are Blowing Up Their Revenues and Sales Using Instagram… It’s Your Turn To Tap Into This Huge Opportunity!

 Thousands of businesses and individuals enjoying loads of free traffic, customers, sales and revenue by tapping into over 2 billion active users on Instagram.

Take A Look At What Freelancers & Agencies Are Charging For Instagram Growth - And Decide What Would You Like To Charge…

Thousands of Agencies and individuals are making recurring revenue by managing Instagram accounts for businesses. Now is your turn to tap into this goldmine of $150bn industry.

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Usually $197/Month
Only Today For $37. Use Coupon= BINSTA for extra $2 Discount

Why Is It So Hard For Regular People Like Us To Drive Real Buyer Traffic From Instagram?

Hi, Hardworking Entrepreneur,

I’m Ugoo Carson.

And for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a successful digital marketer, Instagram Growth Specialist, and Certified 6-figure Marketing Coach.

During the last 7 years as a marketing professional, I can categorically tell you that making money online boils down to one single thing…

Knowing how to drive profitable traffic to your offer!

Everyone ONLINE is a buyer, but only handful are buyers interested in your offer.

Knowing how to find these small sets of online individuals, sieve through the billions of users online and get them to land on your page is the BIGGEST problems marketers like you and me wake up each day trying to solve.

And if you’re struggling with this as well, then I’ve got good news for you…

But Before I Share This Secret…

Did You Know That Instagram Is The Second-Largest Source of Free/Affordable Buyer Traffic Goldmine Online

Instagram has Been Downloaded 3.8 Billion Times

Download shows how popular a social platform is and Instagram is very popular with 3.8 billion right behind Facebook. A lot of people are still interested in visiting Instagram daily.

Instagram Has Over 1 Billion Active Users

Instagram has over 1 billion active users right now and the numbers keep increasing.

500 Million Users View Instagram Stories

More than half of the entire Instagram user watch Instagram stories daily.

Instagram Users Spend An Average of 30 Minutes Daily On The App

Instagram's users spend a considerable amount of time daily going through interesting Instagram posts and content.

80% Of Instagrammers Engage With Businesses

Users on Instagram are following their favorite brands. More than 80% of Instagram user follow at least one brand.

And Regular People Like You & Me Have Been Able To Tap Into This Huge Source of Traffic To Grow Their Business

Lots of Instagram Success Stories from Everyday Businesses & Individuals

Everyday people turning themselves into LIFETIME Superstars and Multimillionaires from INSTAGRAM Alone

Gretta Van Riel


SkinnyMeTea was able to sell over 11 million cups of tea by driving 100% traffic from Instagram.

Anish Bhatt


@watchanish built a following of over 1.6 million from his couch and built a multi-million dollar company from it. Today is one of the biggest and most sought after watch influencer.



NaijaBrandChick has been able to build a 6-figure online coaching business from 100% organic Instagram free traffic.

Samuel Perry


Samuel Perry was able to build a 9.7 million followers and ultimately building a 7-figure comedy business.

Sean Perelstein

Sting HD

Sean built his company with this platform after graduating from college into a multi-million dollar company all from this platform. Toda, he’sone of the biggest luxury jewelry brands out there.

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Usually $197/Month
Only Today For $37. Use Coupon= BINSTA for extra $2 Discount

Trying To Grow Your Followers Can Be Difficult

The Instagram algorithm is designed to give you visibility and send you free traffic if you can spend long hours daily constantly liking, commenting, following viewing stories, watching reels, posting, and virtually living on the gram 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You Can Do It Yourself

That would mean endless hours wasted trying to figure out the algorithm, plus there’s no manual way to finding targeted followers.

You can try to run giveaway campaigns, but will end up with crappy freebie seeking followers who are not interested in your brand.

This is an awful waste of time when consider the effort you put in for the results you get.

Or You Can Hire An Instagram Growth Agency

The fact that there are hundreds of agencies that promise the world and under-deliver, you would be taking a huge spending as high as $3000 monthly for an unguaranteed result. 


How Can You Find Your Ideal Target Customers From over 1.3 Billon Users?

Let’s be honest, trying to hunt for customers from over 1.3 billon Instagram users is one of the most frustrating activities you can embark on. It’s almost impossible to do this manually.

No wonder millions of businesses quit after struggling for months. 

Your marketing campaign is useless if you cannot drive targeted leads that are interested in your offer or business. 

So trying to drive traffic on your own from Instagram has already failed before arrival.

Well, Worry No More!

Say Hello To The Ultimate Instagram Growth and Automation With Over 22 Automation Modules Powered By A.I...

…to help you find, engage, grow and convert targeted Instagram users into traffic…on autopilot!


First ever Instagram Compliant 22-in-1 Instagram Software That Helps You Grow Your Followers, Visitors, Engagement, Traffic on Autopilot!

Binsta finds you targeted followers, skyrockets your engagement, likes, comments, story views and sales 24/7!

You need the new improved Binsta, the only A.I.-powered Instagram Automation Software!


Binsta allows you to automate every single activity you can perform on Instagram.


Set up automations that automatically finds you targeted followers based on interest, location and influencers.


Add buy buttons and offer URLs in strategic points. Auto-update biolinks, add links to auto-Welcome DM for new followers.

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Usually $197/Month
Only Today For $37. Use Coupon= BINSTA for extra $2 Discount

Users Say Getting Results With Binsta Is Super Easy:

I definitely love Binsta, probably the most useful Instagram software so far for me. I love the image editor, the autolike, the repost feature etc. Infact I consider any other extra features you will add will as a bonus.

Nesisa Ndlovu

Binsta User

I gained access to my account and got the program working and into place, I must say that I am very impressed with everything so far and the customer support has been really great. Really enjoying Binsta now, and it was a great idea that was created.

Debora Nash

Binsta User

This is one of the best software I have ever seen! What I really appreciate is that it worked right out of the box.

The training videos are newbie-friendly and answer all of the questions need to use the App.

Thank you, for launching a product of such top quality and being user-friendly. It is a pleasure to be an owner of your Excellent Product!

James Smart

Binsta User

Thank you so much.

Binsta is a great product. 

Your team is awesome.

And please do notify me anytime you have another bombshell like this one

And if you ever need a referral, I will be glad to give you one.

Vince Romito

Binsta User

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Usually $197/Month
Only Today For $37. Use Coupon= BINSTA for extra $2 Discount
Here is What Binsta Can Help You Automate Today


Post Now/Schedule Biolinks

You can set up automatic biolink rolodex. Simply add a couple links and set up a schedule to automatically update your biolink with these links.


Post Now/Schedule Instagram Reels

With the recent introduction of Video Reels and Instagram’s focus on reels, we’ve created an automation module to automatically post and schedule video reels to your account.


Post Now/Schedule Instagram posts

Users can directly post to their Instagram or schedule Posts, Stories or Albums which are photos/videos in nature.


Super Auto Like

Newly upgraded Autolike module is one of the best tools to interact with posts of new Instagram users, top Instagram influencers within your target niche or users you follow. 


Super Auto Follow

The follow back social media strategy has never been utilized like this before. Target people to follow based on keywords, hashtags, location and influencer, this way you will follow people who are interested in your niche and content.


Super Auto Unfollow

This feature helps you maintain a healthy follower/following ratio. Instagram algorithm always favors your account is you have a huge follower/following ratio. The Auto-Unfollow feature strategically unfollows users who have little engagement with you or have suspicious/bot like activities.


Auto Repost

Very useful feature to re-post random temporary posts. The feature will select random posts according to selected targets, re-post them and will remove them after a stipulated time. 


Super Comment

Automates the commenting process right from a browser. It comes with very basic settings option which will be more than enough to help BinstaApp users to gain more followers from other IG posts. 


Auto View Stories

Users can engage with people they are following by auto-viewing their stories thus engaging and encouraging them view their profile back. 


Full-Featured Image Editor

Users can Easily and quickly filter, frame, manipulate, crop, draw, add text, add shapes, add stickers, add objects, add patterns & gradients to their photos before posting on IG. All this is done on a pop-up preview mode before posting.


Hashtag Creator

Module for quickly creating hashtags before use, thus saving time.  


Tag People

Helps users to tag username in photo before posting.


Emoji compatibility

Binsta is now emoji compatible making it easy to add emojis to your posts and comments. 


Random Hashtag

Reorders and shuffles post hashtags,hashtags created manually or by the Hashtag Creator.


Cloud Import

Users can upload their post-ready designs and photos from their cloud storage service (Dropbox), straight to their dashboard. You can as well import images/videos(below 60 sec) directly from Instagram or from the web via the URL option. 


Edit Profile

Binsta now allows you full control over your profile right inside Binsta. With this feature users can;


Auto Welcome DM module

With this module, users can send automated direct messages to your new followers. The welcome message may include URLs linked to your products in case you run an eCommerce page.


Free Commercial License:

Sell Instagram Growth & Automation to clients and earn top dollar for your services

Binsta will help you grow your Instagram followers and traffic, which would lead to sales. 

But don’t forget that there are millions of other businesses out there who need these same services but would never have a chance to get their hands on Binsta.

This license gives you the right to sell Binsta services to these businesses and earn monthly fees perpetually.

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Usually $197/Month
Only Today For $37. Use Coupon= BINSTA for extra $2 Discount

Watch BINSTA 2.0 In Action

No Other App Out There Comes Close To What Binsta Offers


Binsta 2.0 Logo







One Time


Per Year


Per Year


Per Year


Per Year

Instant / Scheduled Post





Profile Management

DM Manager

Multiple Account Mgt


Auto-View Story

Auto-Biolink Rotation

Photo Editor

Advanced Analytics

Post / Schedule Reels

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Usually $197/Month
Only Today For $37. Use Coupon= BINSTA for extra $2 Discount

The Benefits Are Endless…

Charge Up To $1500 Monthly Providing This Service To Businesses

There are thousands of businesses who want to be able to sell their product and services on Instagram, and there need a large audience and followers to sell to. They will hug you with open arms and hand you over their money to help them grow their Instagram account.

Charge as high as $1500 monthly and keep 100% of the money.

Binsta Is Perfect For

Marketers & Business Owners

Social Media Managers

Agencies and Enterprises

Ecom Sellers



Digital Product Sellers

Affiliate Marketers

Coaches & Consultants

These are just few examples, every Business needs Instagram Growth for maximum ROI

Special Upgrades For Today Only


Commercial License Included

Ok, I know you’re anxious to get Binsta with all of its incredible features, but we just want to up the ante and over-deliver, a bit more.

That’s why we’re going to make sure that you get the Commercial License with your investment as a special bonus today.

This allows you to offer Instagram Growth & Management Services to other businesses using Binsta. You can set any price you want and keep 100% of the profit.


Instagram Agency Blueprint

Get the exact step by step checklist to help you setup your Instagram Agency Business.

Get access to all the tools you need to find, close and retain high paying companies.


Instagram Agency Success Training

We invited an expert Instagram Agency Expert to share his secrets for building a successful 8-figure Agency business, managing social media growth and revenue for businesses.

Get free access to this priceless training.


5 Instagram Agency Website Templates

We created the perfect Instagram Agency website templates to help you quickly create your Agency website and save time while focusing on getting your first, second and unlimited clients.

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Usually $197/Month
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Let’s Sum Up Everything You Get With Binsta

Having Binsta Is Like Having 500 A-List Staff Working Round The Clock To Grow Your Instagram Traffic

Binsta App is an Instagram Growth Monster!

Nothing comes close to the results it can get you.

It’s having up to 500 people engaging and connecting with targeted leads on your behalf. 

The only difference is that you don’t have to pay any huge feed or monthly service charge for this.

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Usually $197/Month
Only Today For $37. Use Coupon= BINSTA for extra $2 Discount

You Can Now Confidently Create Any Offer In Any Niche Because Binsta Is There To Help You Generate The Right Traffic

You don’t have to slave away liking people’s posts anymore, following anyone, or any other kind of interaction. Binsta does it all for you.

It will continue to interact with and grow your audience while you’re away from your computer, on vacation, spending time with your family or just working on other parts of your business.

And it does it for multiple accounts!

How many Instagram accounts will YOU start getting free traffic with? There’s no more barrier to getting buyer traffic, no matter the niche.

Don’t Be Left Out…

We’re offering you Binsta on a platter of gold…for a minuscule one time investment. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on the only A.I.-powered Instagram growth tool.

If you miss this now, you might end up paying huge monthly fees for the same service. 

And trust me, this is not some marketing gimmicks.

Grab Binsta right now!

Commercial License Included ONLY

When You Act NOW!

Plus Get These Amazing Fast-Action Bonuses When You Buy Today

Special Bonus #1

SmartDesignAI Multibanner Creator

Create branded graphics for your social posts easily. 

SmartDesignAI allows you to create up to 17 branded banner designs simultaneously, saving you time and money. 

Special Bonus #2


VideoCleeps is a first of its kind short video creator. Perfect for creating short sales videos for Instagram or any other social platform. 

Stun your viewers with eye-catching videos. You get this free today.

Special Bonus #3

AnimatioX Animated Banners Creator

Use this software to create mesmerizing, attention grabbing animated graphics for your campaigns.

Do like the big brands like Coca-Cola and Netflix who use a lot of animated graphics too drive massive traffic and engagement. 

Special Bonus #4

10k Instagram Followers RoadMap

10k followers is the benchmark where Instagram algorithm starts getting you followers easily.

Get our step by step roadmap to hitting 10k followers in the shortest possible time. 

You're Protected By Our IronClad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t agree, this is the biggest opportunity in 2022 and Binsta is going to explode your customer traffic and sales in 2022!

And we know that businesses are going to be begging you to help them grow their Instagram, so they can tap into the free traffic it offers. 

We only refund customers for technical issues beyond our control.

If you face any issues with our software, we first attempt to fix them & process refunds only if we fail to fix the issue.

We’ve crossed all the T’s on this one and if ever you find an issue with the app, and we cannot resolve it, we will happily refund you.

Don’t Waste Any More Time… Price Increases Every Hour!

You’re still on this page because you know you need this tool. 

It is something you have unconsciously been waiting for because you want to be part of those who are killing it with Instagram.

There is no reason to waste time on this decision because the more time you waste, the more you’re missing out of the time to take full advantage of Binsta.

Our products are high quality and deliver on its promises. 

Binsta has been here for almost 3 years serving more than 5000 customers, so you are in safe hands.

Binsta Is The Ultimate Package To Grow Your Real Followers



Today Only: One Time Fee

Binsta Elite


PS. I almost forgot — when you order today, I will include, For FREE a training where I reveal how we were able to pull in $500,000 Dollars in 2020 in Affiliate Promotions. Easily worth $997 — yours absolutely free… 

P.PS. Here’s a recap of everything you’re getting — you’re getting the Worlds 1st Instagram Automation and Traffic Software that runs your Instagram on autopilot for you and drives unlimited visitors to your offers, you get step-by-step tutorials, the quick start guide and 5 premium bonuses, worth thousands 

P.P.P.S. Remember the price REALLY increases every 60 minutes. We’ve spent a lot of money ensuring when the timer expires the price increases – it you like what you see, order now risk-free!. 

P.P.P.P.S. We’re so confident that you’re going to absolutely love Binsta that we’re including an unheard of 180-day money back guarantee and if that wasn’t enough if you don’t get results we’ll send you $500. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Binsta?

Binsta is an app that leverages artificial intelligence to find your real targeted Instagram users and turn them to instant traffic and sales. Binsta siphons floods of free traffic from Instagram. 

Are there any additional fees?

We hate hidden fees too, so no, you won’t have to pay them when you grab Binsta today.

Is Binsta Instagram Compliant?

Absolutely! Binsta uses the new Google technology called AVD which is 100% Instagram compliant. Over 5000+ users have been on Binsta for the past 3 years.

What devices does Binsta work on?

Any device of your choice, as long as it has a connection to the internet. Everything from a Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, and much much more.

What if I experience any issues?

We have a team of support specialists ready to assist you every step of the way when it comes to using Binsta.

If you’re facing an issue just send us a message by clicking on the support tab in the members area. We will be happy to help you out.

Commercial License Included ONLY

When You Act NOW!

If you close this page and come back later, you risk paying a lot more for Binsta.

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